› Silent Invasion (America's Galactic Foreign Legion 3) by Walter Knight download pdf book

Silent Invasion (America's Galactic Foreign Legion 3) by Walter Knight download pdf book

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Silent Invasion (America's Galactic Foreign Legion #3)

Pages: 204
ISBN: 1935563262
Language: English

The sweeping, satirical military space saga continues... Decorated war hero Captain Joey R. Czerinski of the United States Galactic Foreign Legion faces even more challenges as the Arthropodan Empire ramps up its plans to take control of the prized planet, New Colorado. Double-crossing friends and adversaries on both sides, out to make a buck, put the Legion at the mercy of spider forces whose careful planning and military strategies seem to ensure Arthropoda will gain control over more territory in a campaign of silent invasion. As the situation deteriorates for the human occupation, Czerinski realizes he can't trust anyone, not even his past business partner and constant cohort in mischief, Lieutenant Manny Lopez. The wolves are literally at the door, and Czerinski finds himself backed into a corner, wondering what he can possibly do to save the day and restore the Legion's control of planet New Colorado. With the odds against him, maybe the only thing Czerinski can do is take a dive and throw the fight - literally. Nothing's a sure thing, especially in war - except that through all the ups and downs and continual serendipitous surprises, this ongoing satirical, politically incorrect, sweeping military space opera is sure to entertain.

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