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Temple of The Heart (Atlantis Series Vol.1) by Tori Minard download pdf book

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Temple of The Heart (Atlantis Series Vol.1)

Pages: 243
Language: English

Paranormal romance novel.
Born a princess. Raised a priestess. Seduced by a vampire.

As a priestess of Desou, Laila knew well the most sacred Rule in the Temple. No priestess should look upon the world outside or be seen by any man. Even in the face of catastrophic fire, the priestesses keep the Rule, and burn. All except for Laila, who is determined to survive.

Over one hundred years ago, Niko vowed allegiance to the Dark and became a vampire in order to defend his mother and sister. He never expected to destroy them himself. Now he lives in the shadows of the greatest civilization in the world, hating himself and feared by others.

Pulling one lovely priestess from a burning temple can't possibly atone for a century of drinking human blood.

Note: this book contains a virgin priestess, secret underground rooms, a vampire who's renounced his powers, strange potions and near death by sunburn.

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