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Realm of Ash and Shadow by Sunny C. Griffith download epub book

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Realm of Ash and Shadow

Language: English

The story-line and characters in Realm of Ash and Shadow are both really good, however, there were some areas where the characters are not very well developed and other areas in which the plot gets a little confusing and the reader gets lost. I would have rating the book higher, except for two flaws: 1) the book was written to have a sequel, and leaves the reader without a clear ending or conclusion to the first book, and 2) there wasn't sufficient editing done before Realm of Ash and Shadow was published, which leaves the reader confused at times.

I recognize that Griffith is a new author and many of the problems with Realm of Ash and Shadow were due to inadequate editing, however, I think that he has a lot of potential, and I will definitely read his future books.

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