› Criminal Deception (Calloway Brothers - Copper Lake 6) by Marilyn Pappano download epub book

Criminal Deception (Calloway Brothers - Copper Lake 6) by Marilyn Pappano download epub book

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Criminal Deception (Calloway Brothers - Copper Lake  #6)

Pages: 217
ISBN: 142684655X
Language: English

"This is far from over."
After being the target of a mob hit intended for his twin brother, Joe Saldana had settled in to his trauma-free life in Copper Lake. But when his brother's girlfriend, Liz Dalton, entered the coffee shop looking for his twin, Joe found his new life suddenly unraveling. The threat still existed--and so did the white-hot attraction between Joe and Liz.
A U.S. Marshal, Liz had taken precautions to ensure her pretend boyfriend's safety. Now that he had escaped protective custody, she had to find him and bring him in to testify. She didn't count on needing Joe's help, on deceiving him yet again. She could only count on wanting him despite all the reasons she shouldn't....

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