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Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance by Kim S. Cameron download

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Positive Leadership: Strategies for Extraordinary Performance

Pages: 132
ISBN: 1576756025
Language: English

Introducing a new leadership field of the same name, Positive Leadership presents a concise, accessible and practical guide to strategies that can help leaders reach beyond ordinary success to achieve extraordinary effectiveness, spectacular results, and positively deviant performance. Positive Leadership is based on analyses of organizations that have achieved levels of success that are exceptional. For example, the Rocky Flats Nuclear Arsenal closure and cleanup crew completed their assignment 60 years ahead of schedule, $30 billion under budget, and made the area 13 times cleaner than was required by federal standards. This company's achievement far exceeded every knowledgeable expert's predictions of performance--it was abnormally positive. Carefully examining organizations such as this one has helped uncover some atypical leadership strategies that enable levels of performance which exceed expectations, excel beyond the norm, and reach almost impossible levels of excellence.

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