› Confessions of a Zombie Lover (Zombie Era Vol.2) by Zoe E. Whitten download epub

Confessions of a Zombie Lover (Zombie Era Vol.2) by Zoe E. Whitten download epub

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Confessions of a Zombie Lover (Zombie Era Vol.2)

Pages: 56
Language: English

Two years after the murder trial of Blaine Kerne, released microbiologist Eugene "G" O'Donnell is still no closer to finding Kate Brennan or his healed zombie "daughter" Susan. Forced to return to the Army for help, G begins new research with Reggie, a fresh zombie who resembles G's dead lover. While the soldiers search for Susan and Kate, G's experiments with Reggie yield a smarter zombie, but one more emotionally distant than G had observed with Susan. In spite of Reggie's stunted emotions, he becomes attracted to his savior, and G wrestles with feelings of attraction and guilt for "playing with his kid." But flirting with his patient may mean doom for the experiment.

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