› The Wizard Comes to Town by Mercer Mayer download audiobook

The Wizard Comes to Town by Mercer Mayer download audiobook

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The Wizard Comes to Town

Pages: 48
ISBN: 1577683870
Language: English

When Wizard Extraordinaire, Z. P. Alabasium, rents a room at Mrs. Begg's boarding house, things go mysteriously awry. First, a windstorm blows away the laundry. Then rain falls inside the parlor. Soon strange creatures float through the air, and lizards appear in the guests' bed. But Mrs. Beggs has a secret up her sleeve. Her great Aunt Celia was a witch and left behind a book of magic spells. Before things get any worse, Mrs. Beggs whips up some magic of her own and gets rid of her wizard problem! But watch out! Her new tenant

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